I won’t quit Man U, Van Gaal insists

Shut up! I'm going nowhere..
Shut up! I'm going nowhere..
Shut up! I’m going nowhere..

Apparently reacting to some Man United Fc fans who turned his initials Louis Van Gaal, LVG to Leave, Vanish and Go, the Man U manager has vowed never to quit the club.
Van Gaal’s confidence stemmed from what he described to superlative performance by his players against Chelsea football Club at the Old Trafford stadium this evening. The game ended 0-0.
Van Gaal said his boys were the better side in the game beating the Chelsea keeper, Thibaut Courtouis two times only to be denied by the wood work.
ManU still remains in the 6th position while Chelsea is on the 14th.
There were many calls for the authorities at Man U to sack Van Gaal following dismal performances that have seen them play nine games without a win.
Fans flagged placards which read “Louis Van Gaal out, Mourinho in” among others signaling their desire to see him replaced with Mourinho who was himself sacked by Chelsea last week for also a streak of bad results.
But Van Gaal has insisted that following the way the boys played today which signifies that they are fighting for him, there was no need at all for him to take a walk. ” of course I will like to see my contract out. The boys play well and are fighting for me. There is no need to resign. However, in football anything can happen” he says.