Nigerians to soon get ATM cards on the spot as AppZone partners prime factors USA on smart card solution

ATM cards

ATM cards
ATM cards
AppZone Africa, a leading provider of home grown integrated banking and payment software solutions, is partnering with Prime Factors USA, a company that develops and markets enterprise encryption and centralized cryptographic key management platforms for integration into financial applications, to enhance its Flagship card issuance platform.
According to AppZone, the card Issuance module will take card issuance to a whole new level by enabling the entire spectrum of card production and personalization activities to be automated and occur instantly upon customer requests in Bank branches.
In the course of the partnership, Prime factors USA will provide AppZone with a core component used for the creation and management of cryptographic elements required during the secure personalization of integrated chips found on modern payment cards. With this development, banks on prime can issue fully functional cards to their customers instantly in branches as requested instead of waiting for days or week to collect their requested cards.
This is against the traditional card issuance operation which is highly dependent on manual processes that must be dully followed from the branches to the head office and vice versa.
The introduction of Prime issuance eradicates all the manual processes involved during card issuance as all the processes are automated on Prime.
AppZone says the partnership as in order to move away from the existing card issuance operation as Prime will not allow potentially functional cards that are not linked to customer accounts to be transported around between the personalization companies, head offices and bank branches.
This, they say before now exposed the bank to huge risk as each of those cards is a fraud tool that can be used to obtain unauthorized access to customer’s accounts, but because the personalization of the cards happen instantly at branch location upon customer request, fraudulent activities through this means is absolutely impossible.
“Traditional card issuance requires customer to visit the branches twice to get a card i.e. to make card request and to collect the card a few days or weeks later as instructed by the bank. However, most people don’t go back to take the cards when it’s ready for collection thereby leaving active cards to sit un-collected at bank branches. AppZone’s card issuance platform automates relevant card operations thereby reducing the need for Banks to develop or outsource expertise required to manage EMV data preparation and card personalization. Key features of this solution includes full instant in-branch card personalization which includes among other things generation of Magnetic stripe data and EMV card data, instant personalization of physical card, instant PIN selection. Also support for card hotlist requests initiated at branches”.


  1. Well, this is a welcome development but also surprising because First bank aready does that. I got my First bank ATM card same day (last week ) I made a request in branch (Festac 2) . It took about 30 minutes and did I forget to mention, it was activated immediately. ???