How LG smart devices boost vacation experiences

LG Smart Home Device

Technology is fast becoming a companion to vacation lovers simply to help them maximize their holiday time with greater connectivity devoid of any form of stress.  So, there are plenty of great holiday memories to be made just by pulling out your smart gadgets to capture the moment. These days hotels now offer their guests more than just the latest tablet or TV, they have upped their game by utilizing more technology in smarter ways to make life simple for guest while holidaying with them in a more relaxed and homelike environment. The power of smart technology is unimaginable offering users unique experiences that they would struggle to find elsewhere


LG Smart Home Device

Research has shown that vacations are good not only for the individual but for the overall growth and development of an organization, because it helps the individual to rejuvenate and increase productivity at workplace which invariably guarantees a steady career growth. It is for this reason that more people are beginning to embrace the idea of going on vacation at least once in a year, providing an ample opportunity to unwind while staying connected technologically. Going on vacation does not mean lagging behind in terms of latest happening around the world. Smart technologies are everywhere that is why Electronics giant, LG has designed life changing and highly innovative products to bring about smart connected and safe world.


LG Electronics has in stock quite a number of unique smart innovative products that could help the consumers enjoy themselves while holidaying, these include; Smart TVs; Sound systems; ProBeam Laser Projector; Hom-Bot cleaner; Home Appliances, etc. For instance the Hom-Bot vacuum cleaner has a unique feature known as the HomeView this allows for real-time monitoring and HomeGuard which automatically sends photos whenever any movement is noticed. While the LG sound systems has a Blu-Ray feature which enables consumers enjoy 3D disc movies in full HD 1080p,  this will eventually support standard Blu-ray Disc movies in high definition and upscale the DVDs to near HD quality without any form of interference. With a wireless broadband the sound system can easily be connected to the internet with an in-built Wi-Fi. It is interesting to know that most smart home technologies are very simple to operate.


LG ProBeam Lasser projector

Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Taeick Son said: “ the best time for relaxation is vacation and to help make it a worthwhile experience LG has a variety of smart products to help consumers stay safe and connected to their loved ones even while on holiday. With our smart innovative product you are sure of having a memorable holiday experience.”


However, LG’s lineup of smart technologies has continued to prioritize consumer’s usability and engagement at a time the smart home platform continues its navigation into the mainstream success. The portability of some of these devices is unparalleled. Technologically enabled services such as smart lighting, mobile working solutions and smart governance would continue to shape consumers vacation experiences.


As more and more people take advantage of vacations to get the much desired rest, home appliances from LG Electronics could help to safeguard the home with security features which can be monitored from anywhere putting the mind of consumers at rest while having the best of time holidaying


LG Hot Bot Cleaner

Moreover, it is interesting to note that there is a new trend which is the stay-at-home kind of vacation popularly known as staycations, where people now choose to observe their vacations at home instead of travelling; thereby avoiding heavy spending that usually comes with vacation outside the home. LG ProBeam Laser projector comes handy here providing consumers opportunity to enjoy video content with the ability to be paired with any Bluetooth audio device within reach. So for those who have chosen this type, it would provide opportunity for relaxation, watching of movies, enjoy local cuisine and catch up with much needed sleep. LG provides arrays of products with exceptional quality for staycationers to hook up any content of their choice.


The most exciting vacation would remain memorable not just because of getting away for a while but for the refreshing experiences it brings to the mind, body and soul of the individual or family members. Technology plays a critical part in making this experience a worthwhile adventure, smart technologies which are readily available at the finger tip of consumers has become part and parcel of a memorable holiday.  LG Samrt Home entertainment would conveniently fit into an ideal holiday with the features it can boast of especially its HDR-enabled UHD TVs that are all equipped with 4K HDR technology ensuring the consumer enjoys high quality content exceptional precision, download apps or browse online videos on the TV screen keeping consumer connected through the simple to use interface while having a memorable holiday.

LG Smart TV

Wherever you choose to go for your holidays be sure LG Electronics has got you covered with products that will ensure accessibility and great convenience. Connectivity has never been more popular than now especially with today’s smart appliances which are creating new platforms for making holidays not only enjoyable but also convenient while staying connected with loved ones. Holidays can only get better, but with LG life will always be