NOTAP saves Nigeria N192bn, secures 38 patents in six Months

Dr DanAzumi Mohammed
The Director General of National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion, NOTAP, Dr DanAzumi Mohammed Ibrahim has disclosed that the agency saved Nigeria the sum of  N192 billion in 6 years and secure about 38 patents for agencies and private researchers in just 6 months of 2017.
NOTAP is one of the 17 agencies under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology established to regulate inflow of technologies in the country.
Dr DanAzumi Mohammed

Ibrahim who made the revelation during a media briefing at the agency’s Liaison Office in Lagos said that in carryout our statutory function of registration of Technology Transfer Agreement, he said “NOTAP has saved the country N192 billion between 2010 and 2016. This sum if not for NOTAP intervention would have left the country as capital flight.”

“The agency achieved this through refusal to approve importation of technologies and as well as services that could be rendered by Nigerians.
The DG noted that NOTAP is connecting Nigerian universities researchers with industries to ensure that researches are tailored towards proffering solutions to the local problems.
He said the agency secured 38 patents certificates in six months as part of its efforts to protect intellectual properties in Nigeria.
The patents he said, would encourage research linkage to development need of the country by ensuring that innovative ideas are protected from unlawful uses.
He projected that with the level of transformation going on in the country, Nigerian banks will be powered by locally developed software in the next five years.
According to him, the agency just like other MDAs in Nigeria is underfunded and low staff strength but, automation of NOTAP operation is being considered to boost service delivery.
He explained the law that established the agency did not empower it to sanction erring companies and individuals.
He said, “Law establishing NOTAP has no room for sanction. We often rely on certificate denials as a means to check erring companies and individuals.”
Ibrahim informed that the agency working with the national Assembly to review the law which established it in order to empower NOTAP to sanction and where necessary prosecute anyone or companies that chose to be clever and bypass the agency and bring in technology without properly documented agreement for technology transfer that protect the interest of Nigerians.