Online products-services barter platform debuts

An online e-commerce platform, where products and services are swapped in place of hard currency,, has launched its services into the Nigerian market.
Mr Babatunde Olofin, Founder/CEO,, said that the platform was designed to redefine e-commerce in response to the economic situation in the country.
The platform is an interactive platform which also allows people to buy and sell using cash, beyond its primary barter services.
Speaking at the unveiling of the site in Lagos, Olofin, who described the platform as a non-commercial venture but one borne of the need to bridge a gap in the e-commerce industry, said: “As an IT specialist, I was inspired by Mark Zukerberg, Founder/CEO of Facebook, who urged Nigerians to identify and fix problems in their society without first seeking immediate gratuity.
“I thought we could have a platform where people can display what they have, not necessarily for money but for barter. So you can just swap values without having to pay any commission to any agent. One could swap a plot of land for a car of equal financial value. People can swap properties, laptops, phones, and more.